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University of Athens

Τhe Historical Building of the University of Athens is located in the heart of Athens, only 700m from the Historical center and less than 1500m from the Acropolis. The building is a masterpiece of the early 20th century architecture and the midle building of the Athenian Trilogy on the Panepistimiou Avenue (the other two are the National Library and the Academy of Athens). It is the oldest building of the Trilogy (constructed in the period 1839 - 1864) and was designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen, older brother of Theophilos Hansen.


The building has a central hall (300 seats), two Conference Theatres (150 seats each), two inner peristyles and a number of adjacent rooms. The University consists of a group of bodies that form a double T, with two symmetrical yards. The front presents an austere symmetry, with the arcade of rectangular balusters that is emphasized by the projection of an Ionian propylaeo. The bases of the columns and the capitals of the propylaeo are exact replicas of the corresponding elements of the Acropolis Propylaea. It was planned in accordance with the basic aesthetic rules of early Neo-classicism and at the same time adjusted to the Greek Mediterranean style. The outer statues complete the structure of the front, which is plainly divided in "base", "body" and "crowning".


University of Athens, 30 Panepistimiou Str, Athens