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General Infos

ICMC|SMC Conference, Athens 14-20 September 2014

Practical Information


Time: EET = GMT + 2 (+3 in Summertime)

Currency: Euro

Temperature in September: Good and a little hot (24o-30o C).Slightly windy(about 25 km/h)

Phone: Country code for Greece is +30. for international call from Greece just dial 00 before your country code.

Mobiles: You can by if you want local mobile card for 5or more at any kiosk providing your personal data from ID or password.

Arrival to Athens

Athens has only one international airport named Eleftherios Venizelos ( The location of Athens International Airport related to the city of Athens can be seen in the following map.

Airport - Hotel Astor

The airport is effectively connected to Athens by bus, metro, suburban rail or taxi.


a) By Bus

The hotel can very easy accessed by bus X95 Athens International Airport – Syntagma square (24 h. every 15-20 min). The ticket (5€) is validated inside the bus. Tickets can be bought at the kiosk outside. The departure is right outside the arrival of Intra Schengen area, between Doors 4­5. The journey from Athens International Airport to Syntagma has a mean time of 50-70 minutes depending of the traffic. (Time plan From the terminal the Hotel is 5 minutes walk (see map).


B) By METRO – Line 3

You can take also the Metro Line 3-blue: "Athens International Airport ­ Aghia Marina". The Metro terminal station is located opposite the airport arrival terminals building. Time: from 6:30 to 23:30, every 30 minutes (timetable: The airport ticket price is €8.00 (14€ for two persons group), it is valid for 90’ in all metro network and can be bought in any metro station. The ticket must be validated in the station before embarkation. The journey time from Athens International Airport to Syntagma square is 40 minutes.

For map an more info see:


C) By Taxi

All taxis are collared yellow and in the airport are next to exit 3 at the level of the arrivals. Transportation to the city centre will has fixed price 35€ including all surcharges. (Night tariff from 23:30-6:30 50€). Duration 40’-60’.

The transportations are safe. (As in any big city, on open transports you should be a little aware from pick-pockets.)

Athens - Airport

You must be at the airport at least one hour before your flight.

By bus. The terminal (“Afetiria”) of line X95 Athens (Syntagma square - International Airport), is in the upper right corner of Syntagma square. (Duration 50’-70’)

By metro. The metro station is un the upper side of Syntagma square. You take Line 3-Blue direction “Airport” («Αεροδρόμιο») twice an hour. From 5:37 to 23:03, every hour at 3' and 33'. (Duration 40’)

By taxi. There is a taxi station at the lower position of Syntagma square. Duration 40’-60’.



Access to venue

Conference Onasis Cultural Center, 107-109 Syngrou Avenue, Athens 11745 (see map)

The transfer to and from the venue is organized. If you want to go alone:

By Taxi: From Syntagma square 5 -10 minutes. 4€

By Tramway: From Syntagma square (upper right corner): Take any tram (T3, T4 or T5) and after 4 stops (15’) you step down at “Kasomouli” station. Then you walk 5 minutes to the Onasis Cultural Center (see route Ticket price 1.40€. (see also tramway map).



Signs are usually in Greek and English. If it is only in Greek, the following tips will be useful.

H, Y, EI, OI (η, υ, oι)are all pronounced “i” (ee)

AI (αι) is pronounced “e” (eh)

Ω (ω) is pronounced “o”

P (ρ)= “r”,

The rest is easy: Σ (σ, ς) = “s”, Γ (γ)= “gh”, Δ (δ) = “th” (like that), Θ (θ)=”th” (like think), Λ = "L", Ξ (ξ) = “ks”, Φ (φ) = “f” and Ψ (ψ) = “ps”.

Smoking: is forbidden in all closed public areas and transports. Despite that many bars and taverns do not forbid the smoking. In hotels also you can ask for smoking rooms.


Travel to the islands

You can get information for all boat schedules to the islands at openseas website: and get tickets at (both available as mobile apps "openseas" and "viva wallet").


Rent a Car: GreenMotion Greece
The GreenMotion Greece are pleased to be appointed as the Official Rental Car Provider for ICMC/SMC 2014 Conference.
Participants plus one accompanying person travelling to the event can qualify for a discount of 20% for car or van rentals.
When making your travel plans please present confirmation of your registration or proof of attendance for the Event/Convention.
For a car booking visit our official webpage  "". Please quote the event code ICMC2014GRM for your car or van reservation.
Car and van rental
114 Varis-Koropiou
1400 Koropi-Athens
Tel: +302106022300