from digital ECHOS to virtual ETHOS
Music technology meets philosophy

Scientific program



Scientific Program


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 2  OS1: Music Information Retrieval
Chair: Xavier Serra, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Computational ethnomusicology: a music information retrieval perspective,
Invited Speech
George Tzanetakis, University of Victoria, Canada
Power-scaled spectral flux and peak-valley group-delay methods for robust musical onset detection
Li Su, Yi-Hsuan Yang 
Towards Soundscape Information Retrieval (SIR)
Tae Hong Park, Jun Hee Lee, Jaeseong You
A history of emerging paradigms in EEG for music
Kameron Christopher, Ajay Kapur, Dale Carnegie, Gina Grimshaw   
Landmark detection in hindustani music melodies
Sankalp Gulati, Joan Serrà, Kaustuv Ganguli, Xavier Serra 


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 3  OS2: Aesthetics of Computer and Interactive Music-1
Chair: Tae Hong Park, New York University, USA
The place and meaning of computing in a sound relationship of man, machines, and environment,
Invited Speech
Agostino Di Scipio, Conservatory of Naples, Italy
How blue is Mozart? Non verbal sensory scales for describing music qualities
Maddalena Murari, Antonio Roda', Osvaldo Da Pos, Sergio Canazza, Giovanni De Poli, Marta Sandri
Building a Gamelan from bricks
Tzu-En Ngiao
Modelling the live-electronics in electroacoustic music using particle systems
André Perrotta, Flo Menezes, Luis Gustavo Martins
POLISphone: Creating and performing with a flexible soundmaps
Filipe Lopes, Paulo Rodrigues   


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 4  OS3: Algorithmic Composition-1
Chair: Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Probabilistic harmonization with fixed intermediate chord constraints
Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Emilios Cambouropoulos   
Efficient sampling from statistical models of music
Dorien Herremans, Kenneth Sörensen, Darrell Conklin
Swarm lake: a game of swarm intelligence, human interaction and collaborative music composition
Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Andreas Floros, Konstantinos Drossos, Konstantinos  Koukoudis, Manolis  Kyzalas, Achilleas Kalantzis 
N-gon waves – audio applications of the geometry of regular polygons in the time domain
Dominik Chapman, Mick Grierson   
Directed transitional composition for gaming and adaptive music using Q-learning
Jason Cullimore, Howard Hamilton, David Gerhard


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
11:10-12:10 Onasis 2  Keynote Speech 1
Chair: Anastasia Georgaki, University of Athens, Greece
Sound and music computing meets philosophy
Jean-Claude Risset
, Universitéd'Aix-Marseille, Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique CNRS, France


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
12:10-12:45 Odeon 1 PS1: Poster Session craze
Chair: Emilia Gomez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  PS1: Poster Session
Chair: Emilia Gomez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Unisoner: an interactive interface for derivative chorus creation from various singing voices on the Web
Keita Tsuzuki, Tomoyasu Nakano, MasatakaGoto, Takeshi Yamada, Shoji Makino        
Music technology’s influence on flute pedagogy: a survey of their interaction
Diana Siwiak, Ajay Kapur, Dale Carnegie 
Infrared vs. ultrasonic finger detection on a virtual piano keyboard
Yuri De Pra, Federico Fontana, Fausto Spoto            
Real-time breeding composition system by means of genetic programming and breeding procedure
Daichi Ando
Visualization and manipulation of stereophonic audio signals by means of IID and IPD
Giorgio Presti, Davide Andrea Mauro, Goffredo Haus
Audio signal visualisation and measurement
Robin Gareus, Chris Goddard
NLN-live, an application for live non-linear and interactive music performances
Than van Nispen Tot Pannerden
Improving accompanied flamenco singing voice transcription by combining vocal detection and predominant melody extraction
Nadine Kroher, Emilia Gómez 
The feature extraction based hypersampler in Il grifonelleperlenere: a bridge between player and instrument paradigm
Marco Marinoni                
A multi-agent Interactive composing system for creating “expressive” accompaniment
Michael Spicer                
The use of apprenticeship learning via inverse reinforcement learning for musical composition
Orry Messer, Pravesh Ranchod              
The SpatDIF library – concepts and practical applications in audio software
Jan Schacher, Chikashi Miyama, Trond Lossius            
From technological investigation and software emulation to music analysis: an integrated approach to Barry Truax'sriverrun
Michael Clarke, FrédéricDufeu, Peter Manning            
SoundScapeTK: a platform for mobile soundscapes
Thomas Stoll, Teri Rueb              
Kara: a BCI approach to composition
Rodrigo Cadiz, Patricio de la Cuadra              
About the different types of listeners for rating the overall listening experience
Michael Schoeffler, Juergen Herre              
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  A design exploration on the effectiveness of vocal imitations
Stefano DelleMonache, Stefano Baldan, Davide Andrea Mauro, Davide Rocchesso          
A hybrid guitar physical model controller: the Bladeaxe
Romain Michon, Julius Orion III Smith            
Ethos in sound design for brand advertisement
Elio Toppano, Alessandro Toppano              
NEYMA  interactive soundscape composition based on a low budget motion capture system
Stefano Alessandretti, Giovanni Sparano              
Evaluating HRTF similarity through subjective assessments: factors that can affect judgment
Areti Andreopoulou, Agnieszka Roginska              
GenoMeMeMusic: a memetic-based framework for discovering the musical genome
Valerio Velardo, Mauro Vallati              
Broadening telematic electroacoustic music by affective rendering and embodied real-time data sonification
Ian Whalley
Multi-touch Interface for acousmatic music spatialization
Gwendal Le Vaillant, Rudi Giot              
A high-level review of mappings in musical iOS applications
Thor Kell, Marcelo Wanderley              
Fractal aspects of musical time series
Heather Jennings, César Nascimento, Gandhimohan Viswanathan            
Learning musical contour on a tabletop
Andrea Franceschini, Robin Laney, Chris Dobbyn            
Short-term and long-term evaluations of melody editing method based on melodic outline
Tetsuro Kitahara, Yuichi Tsuchiya              
Sound of rivers: stone drum: a multimedia collaboration with sonified data computer-processed narration  and electric violin
Charles Nichols, Mark Lorang, Mark Gibbons, Nicole Bradley Browning, Amber Bushnell  
Diffusing Diffusion: A history of the technological advances in spatial performance
Bridget Johnson, Michael Norris, Ajay Kapur            
Τactile.motion: an iPad based performance interface for increased expressivity in diffusion performance
Bridget Johnson, Michael Norris, Ajay Kapur            
Association of Sound movements in space to Takete and Maluma
Amalia de Götzen                       


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
14:30- 16:30  Odeon 2  OS4: Analysis / Synthesis-1
Chair: Μarcelo Queiroz, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Real-time composition of sound environments,
Invited Speech
Georgia Spiropoulos, IRCAM, France
The sound effect of ancient Greek theatrical masks
Fotios Kontomichos, Thanos Vovolis, Eleftheria Georganti, John Mourjopoulos   
Understanding and tuning mass-interaction networks through their modal representation
Jerome Villeneuve, Claude Cadoz  
Declarative composition and reactive control in marsyas
Jakob Leben, George Tzanetakis   
A flexible and modular crosslingual voice conversion system
Anderson Machado, Marcelo Queiroz 
Intelligent exploration of sound spaces using decision trees and evolutionary approach
Gordan Kreković, Davor Petrinović  


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
14:30- 16:30  Odeon 3  OS5: Languages for Computer Music
Chair: Andreas Floros, Ionian University, Greece
LC: a new computer music programming language with three core features
Hiroki Nishino, Naotoshi Osaka, Ryohei Nakatsu
Mostly-strongly-timed programming in LC
Hiroki Nishino, Ryohei Nakatsu
Real time tempo canons with Antescofo
Christopher Trapani, José Echeveste
Sound processes: a new computer music framework
Hanns Holger Rutz A unified communications framework for music, intermedia and cloud interaction
Adrian Freed, Rama Gottfried, John MacCallum, Jeff Lubow, Derek Razo, David Wessel
Towards defining the potential of electroacoustic infrasonic music
Alexis Crawshaw


Time Room Monday, 15 September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 4  SS1: Special Session “Technologies and Sound: Questions and Philosophical Views”
Chair: Agostino Discipio, Music Conservatory of L'Aquila, Italy
Ambient culture: Coping musically with the environmnet
Marcus Maeder
A paradigm shift for modelling sound sensation
John Mourjopoulos
From digital ‘Echos’ to virtual ‘ethos’: ethical aspects of music technology
George Kosteletos, Anastasia Georgaki
Ecologically grounded multimodal design: the Palafito 1.0 study
Damián Keller, Joseph Timoney, Leandro Constalonga, AriadnaCapasso, Patricia Tinajero, Victor Lazzarini, Marcelo SoaresPimenta, Maria Helena de Lima, Marcelo Johann
Ex-Ethous (Εξ Έθους): Changing Habits
Marcos Novak


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 2  OS6: Computational musicology
Chair: Emilios Cambouropoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Echoes in Plato’s cave: ontology of sound objects in computer music and analysis,
Invited Speech
Alan Marsden, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
An idiom-independent representation of chords for computational music analysis and generation
Emilios Cambouropoulos, Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Costas Tsougras
Corpora for music information research in Indian art music
Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Gopala Krishna Koduri, Sankalp  Gulati, Vignesh Ishwar, Xavier Serra
Analysis of the simultaneity,  voice/layer balance and rhythmic phrasing in works for guitar by Rodrigo,  Brouwer and Villa-Lobos
Sérgio Freire, Lucas Nézio, Anderson Reis
Algebraic Mozart by tree synthesis
Keiji Hirata, Satoshi Tojo, Masatoshi Hamanaka


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 3  OS7: Artificial Intelligence and Music
Chair: Roberto Bresin, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
An automatic singing impression estimation method using factor analysis and multiple regression
Ai Kanato, Tomoyasu Nakano, MasatakaGoto, Hideaki Kikuchi   
Real-time manipulation of syncopation in audio loops
Diogo Cocharro, George  Sioros, Marcelo Caetano, Matthew Davies   
The notion of Ethos in Arabic music: computational modeling of Al-Urmawi's modes (13th Century) in Csound
Raed Belhassen
Evaluating perceptual separation in a pilot system for affective composition
Duncan Williams, Alexis Kirke, Eduardo Miranda, Ian Daly, Etienne Roesch, James Weaver, SlawomirNasuto
Spatialization symbolic music notation at ICST
Emile Ellberger, Germán Toro Perez, Johannes Schuett, Giorgio Zoia, Linda Cavaliero


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 4  OS8: New Interfaces for Musical Expression-1
Chair: Leontios Hadjileontiadis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Creating a place as a medium for musical communication using multiple electroencephalography
Takayuki Hamano, Hidefumi Ohmura, Ryu Nakagawa, Hiroko Terasawa, Reiko Hoshi-Shiba, Kazuo Okanoya, Kiyoshi Furukawa
The breath engine: challenging biological and technological boundaries through the use of NK complex adaptive systems
Joe Cantrell, Colin Zyskowski, Drew  Ceccato
Animating timbre - A user study
Sean Soraghan
Conceptual blending in biomusic composition space: the “brainswarm” paradigm
Leontios Hadjileontiadis
Instantaneous detection and classification of impact sounds: turning simple objects into powerful musical control interfaces
Nikolaos Stefanakis, Yannis Mastorakis, Athanasios Mouchtaris


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
11:10-12:10 Onasis 2  Keynote Speech 2
Chair: Kostas Moschos, Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics , Greece
Mathews’ Diagram and Euclid’s Line -fifty years ago-
John Chowning
, Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, USA


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
12:10-12:45 Odeon 1 PS2: Poster Session craze
Chair: Giovanni De Poli, University of Padova, Italy
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  PS2: Poster Session
Chair: Giovanni De Poli, University of Padova, Italy
Distance in pitch sensitive time-span tree
Masaki Matsubara, Keiji Hirata, Satoshi Tojo            
Data Auditorio: Towards Intense Interaction, an Interactive Hyper-Directional Sound for Play and Ubiquity
Daichi Misawa, Kiyomitsu Odai              
Griddy: a drawing based music composition system with multi-layered structure
Keunhyoung Luke Kim                
Touchpoint: dynamically re-routable effects processing as a multi-touch tablet instrument
Nicholas Suda, Owen Vallis              
FugueGenerator - collaborative melody composition based on a generative approach for conveying emotion in music
NiklasKlügel, Gerhard Hagerer, Georg Groh            
Tempo prediction model for accompaniment system
Shizuka Wada, YasuoHoriuchi, Shingo Kuroiwa            
ICE - towards a new kind of networked computer music ensemble
Winfried Ritsch                
Loudness Normalization: the democratisation of sound quality judgments
Malachy Ronan, Robert Sazdov, Nicholas Ward                                              
Eroticism and time in computer music: Juliana Hodkinson and Niels Ronsholdt’s fish & fowl
Danielle Sofer                
PheroMusic: navigating a flexible space of active music
Kristian Nymoen, Arjun Chandra, KyrreGlette, Jim Torresen, Alexander RefsumJensenius, ArveVoldsund      
Algorithmic cross-mixing and rhythmic derangement
Zlatko Baracskai                
Expanding the vocalist’s role through the use of live electronics in realtime improvisation
Tone Åse                
TC-data: extending multi-touch interfaces for generalized relational control
Kevin Schlei                
Automatic competency assessment of rhythm performances of ninth-grade and tenth-grade pupils
Jakob Abesser, Johannes Hasselhorn, Sascha Grollmisch, Christian Dittmar, Andreas Lehmann        
CriticalEd: a tool for assisting with the creation of critical commentaries
Caspar Mølholt Kjellberg, David Meredith              
Polytempo network: a system for technology-assisted conducting
Philippe Kocher                
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  Computing musical meter – an approach to an integrated formal description
Bernd Härpfer                
Transient analysis for music and moving images: considerations for television advertising
Andrew Rogers, Ian Gibson              
A system for audio-visual additive synthesis
Lance Putnam                
Mobile phones as ubiquitous instruments: towards standardizing performance data on the network
Nathan Bowen, David Reeder              
Ambisonics user defined opcodes for Csound
Martin Neukom                
Exploring a visual/sonic representational continuum
Lindsay Vickery                
Interval scale as group generators
Tsubasa Tanaka, Kiyoshi Furukawa              
Orchestrating wall reflections in space by icosahedral loudspeaker: findings from first artistic research exploration
Gerriet Sharma, Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank            
Connecting SUM with computer-assisted composition in PWGL: recreating the graphic scores of AnestisLogothetis
Sara Adhitya, Mika Kuuskankare
A recursive system mapping motion and sound in a robot between human interaction design
Sinan Bokesoy                
Music systemisers and music empathisers – do they rate expressiveness of computer generated performances the same?
Emery Schubert, Giovanni De Poli, Antonio Roda, Sergio Canazza          
On the playing of monodic pitch in digital music instrument
Vincent  Goudard, Hugues Genevois, Lionel Feugère            
Lose Control  Gain Influence
Alberto de Campo                
Automatic singer identification for improvisational styles based on vibrato timbre and statistical performance descriptors
Nadine Kroher, Emilia Gómez       
Musical perspectives on composition sonification and music
Amalia de Götzen, Nicola Bernardini, Alvise Vidolin             
The Future of Spatial Computer Music
Eric Lyon
 DSR marimbA: low-cost, open source actuated acoustic marimba framework
 Shawn Trail, Leonardo Jenkins, Peter Driessen


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 2  OS9: Analysis / Synthesis-2
Chair: Tamara Smyth, University of California, San Diego, USA
Some perspectives in the artistic rendering of music scores
Gianpaolo Evangelista
Timbre-invariant audio features for style analysis of classical music
Christof  Weiss, Matthias  Mauch, Simon Dixon
ΗarmonyMixer: mixing the character of chords among polyphonic audio
Satoru Fukayama, Masataka Goto
The use of rhythmograms in the analysis of electroacoustic music, with application to Normandeau’s onomatopoeias cycle
David Hirst
From automatic sound analysis of gameplay footage [Echos] to the understanding of player experience [Ethos]: an interdisciplinary approach
Raphael Marczak, Pierre Hanna, Jean-Luc Rouas, Jasper van Vught, Gareth Schott  


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 3  OS10: Analysis / Synthesis-3
Chair: Federico Avanzini, University of Padova, Italy
Timbre features and music emotion in plucked string, mallet percussion, and keyboard tones
Chuck-jee Chau, Bin Wu, Andrew Horner
A framework for music analysis/resynthesis based on matrix factorization
Juan Jose Burred
Musical audio denoising assuming symmetric a-stable noise
Nikoletta Bassiou, Constantine Kotropoulos
A bowed string physical model including finite-width thermal friction and hair dynamics
Esteban Maestre, Carlos Spa, Julius Smith
Detection of random spectral alterations of sustained musical instrument tones in repeated note contexts
Chung Lee, Andrew Horner 


Time Room Tuesday, 16 September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 4  SS2: Special Session “Dematerializing - Rematerializing:  Tangibility in Computer Music”
Chair: Claude Cadoz, ACROE, France
Tangibility, presence, materiality, reality in artistic creation with digital technology
Claude Cadoz, Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Ioannis Zannos
Digital musical instruments in the digital fabrication age
Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
Corporeality, actions and perceptions in gestural performance of digital music
Jan Schacher
Immediacy - intimacy and manipulation – extension of the tangibility metaphor
Ioannis Zannos
Listening otherwise: playing with sound vibrations
Pascale Criton


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 2  OS11: Human Computer Interaction and Music
Chair: Giovanni De Poli, University of Padova, Italy
Musical timbre and emotion: the identification of salient timbral features in sustained musical instrument tones equalized in attack time and spectral centroid
Bin Wu, Andrew Horner, Chung Lee
Design process for interactive sound installations: the designer, the interactor and the system
Cecile Le Prado, Stephane Natkin  
“Topos” toolkit for pure data: exploring the spatial features of dance gestures for interactive musical applications
Luiz Naveda, Ivani Santana
AscoGraph: a user interface for sequencing and score following for interactive musical pieces
Thomas Coffy, Arshia Cont, Jean-Louis Giavitto
Citygram one: one year later
Tae Hong Park, Michael Musick, John Turner, Charlie Mydlarz, Jun Hee Lee, Jaeseong You, Luke DuBois


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
09:00- 10:40   Odeon 3  OS12: Composition Systems / Techniques-1
Chair: Stefan Bilbao, University of Edinburgh, UK
Easter eggs: hidden tracks and messages in musical mediums
Jonathan Weinel, Darryl Griffiths, Stuart Cunningham
Modular physical modeling synthesis environments on GPU
Stefan Bilbao, Alberto Torin, Paul Graham, James Perry, Gordon Delap
StiffNeck: the electroacoustic music performance venue in a box
Gerhard Eckel, Martin Rumori
Fine-tuned control of concatenative synthesis with CataRT using the Bach Library for Max
Aaron Einbond, Christopher Trapani, Andrea Agostini, Daniele Ghisi, Diemo Schwarz  
pOM: linking pen gestures to computer-aided composition processes
Jérémie Garcia, Jean Bresson, Philippe Leroux


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 4  OS13: Computer environments for sound/music processing-1
Chair: Yann Orlarey, GRAME, France
Audio rendering/processing and control ubiquity? a solution built using Faust dynamic compiler and JACK/NetJack
Stephane Letz, Sarah Denoux, Yann Orlarey
DIMI-6000: an early musical microcomputer by Erkki Kurenniemi
Kai Lassfolk, Jari Suominen, Mikko Ojanen
Model-view-controller separation in Max using Jamoma
Trond Lossius, Theo de la Hogue, Pascal Baltazar, Tim Place, Nathan Wolek, Julien Rabin 
New tools for aspect-oriented programming in music and media programming environments
John MacCallum, Adrian Freed, David Wessel
Flocking: a framework for declarative music-making on the Web
Colin Clark, Adam Tindale


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
11:10-12:10 Onasis 2  Keynote Speech 3
Chair: Georgios Kouroupetroglou, University of Athens, Greece
Creative symbolic interaction
Gérard Assayag
, IRCAM, CNRS, UPMC, France 


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
12:10-12:45 Odeon 1 PS3: Poster Session craze
Chair: Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University, Denmark
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  PS3: Poster Session
Chair: Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University, Denmark
MoveOSC - smart watches in mobile music performance
Alex Migicovsky, Jonah Scheinerman, Georg Essl            
EmbodiComp: embodied interaction for mixing and composition
Dalia El-Shimy, Steve Cowar, Jeremy Cooperstock            
Affective jukebox: a confirmatory study of EEG emotional correlates in response to musical stimuli
Joel Eaton, Duncan Williams, Eduardo Miranda            
Beyond the beat: towards metre rhythm and melody modelling with hybrid oscillator networks
Andrew Lambert, Tillman Weyde, Newton Armstrong   
Augmented exercise biking with virtual environments for elderly users: considerations on the use of auditory feedback
Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen, Stefania Serafin, Lise Busk Kofoed            
Contemporary practices in the performance and sustainability of computer music repertoire
Jeremy Baguyos
A study on cross-cultural and cross-dataset generalizability of music mood regression models
Xiao Hu, Yi-Hsuan Yang
The ghost in the MP3
Ryan Maguire                
NICO: an open-source interface  bridging the gap between musician and tesla coil
Blake Johnston, Josh Bailey, Dugal McKinnon            
Movable Party: a bicycle-powered system for interactive musical performance
Steven Kemper, Wendy Hsu, Carey Sargent, Josef Taylor, Linda Wei        
Could the endless progressions in James Tenney’s music be viewed as sonic koans?
François-Xavier Féron                
Study of the perceptual and semantic divergence of digital audio processed by restoration algorithms
Sonia Cenceschi, Giorgio Klauer              
Computer game piece: exploring video games as means for controlled improvisation
DariuszJackowski, Francho Melendez, Andrzej Bauer, PawelHendrich, CezaryDuchnowski      
Towards touch screen live instruments with less risk: a gestural approach
Edward Jangwon Lee, WoonSeung Yeo              
An experimental classification of the programing patterns for scheduling in computer musicprogramming
Hiroki Nishino                
The counterpoint game: rules constraints and computational spaces
Mattia Samory, Marcella Mandanici, Sergio Canazza, Enoch Peserico          
Method to detect GTTM local grouping boundaries based on clustering and statistical learning
KouheiKanamori, Masatoshi Hamanaka    
Examining the analysis of dynamical sonic ecosystems: in light of a criterion for evaluating theories
Michael Musick
           12:45-14:30              Odeon 0  Sound shapes and spatial texture: frequency-space morphology
Stuart James                
The "Harmonic Walk": an interactive educational environment to discover musical chords
Marcella Mandanici, Antonio Rodà, Sergio Canazza            
Test methods for interactive music systems
Clément Poncelet Sanchez, Florent Jacquemard              
Zwischenräume - A case study towards an the evaluation of interactive sound installations
Georgios Marentakis, David Pirrò, Raphael Kapeller
Spatial utilization of sensory dissonance and the creation of sonic sculpture
Brian Hansen                
Vocal detection in monaural mixtures
Anders Elowsson, Ragnar Schön, Matts Höglund, Elias Zea, Anders Friberg        
Marije Baalman, Till Bovermann, Alberto de Campo, Miguel Negrão          
HMM-based automatic arrangement for guitars with transposition and its implementation
Gen Hori, Shigeki Sagayama              
Turnector: tangible control widgets for capacitive touchscreen devices
Edward Kingsley Rutter, Tom Mitchell, Chris Nash            
Degrees of interpretation in computer aided algorithmic composition
Jessica Aslan                
Sonification of controlled quantum dynamics
Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Daniel Burgarth          
Musical audio synthesis using autoencoding neural nets
Andy Sarroff, Michael Casey              
Tactile Composition: configurations and communications for a haptic chair
Joanne Armitage, Kia Ng              
Digitally extending the optical soundtrack
Alexander Dupuis, Carlos Dominguez              


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
14:30- 16:30  Odeon 2  OS14: Automatic music generation/accompaniment systems
Chair: Moreno Andreatta, IRCAM, Paris, France
Kuatro: a motion-based framework for interactive music installations
David Johnson, Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, Seth Stoudenmier, Bill Manaris   
Modes of sonic interaction in circus: three proofs of concept
Ludvig Elblaus, Maurizio Goina, Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Roberto Bresin   
Laminae: a stochastic modeling-based autonomous performance rendering system that elucidates performer characteristics
Kenta Okumura, Shinji  Sako, Tadashi Kitamura
Machine improvisation with formal specifications
Alexandre Donze, Rafael Valle, Sophie Libkind, Ilge Akkaya, Sanjit Seshia, David Wessel 
Modulus p rhythmic tiling canons and some implementations in OpenMusic visual programming language
Hélianthe Caure, Carlos Agon, Moreno Andreatta
Planning human-computer improvisation
Jérôme Nika, José Echeveste, Marc Chemillier, Jean-Louis Giavitto


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
14:30- 16:30  Odeon 3  OS15: Algorithmic Composition-2
Chair: Emilia Gomez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Gene expression synthesis
Alo Allik
AutoChorus Creator: four-part chorus generator with musical feature control,  using search spaces constructed from rules of music theory
Benjamin Evans, Satoru Fukayama, MasatakaGoto, NagisaMunekata, Tetsuo Ono 
Considering roughness to describe and generate vertical musical structure in content-based algorithmic-assisted audio composition
Gilberto Bernardes, Matthew Davies, Carlos Guedes, Bruce Pennycook   
AutoRhythmGuitar: computer-aided composition for rhythm guitar in the tab space
Matt McVicar, Satoru Fukayama, MasatakaGoto
Takt: a read-eval-play-loop interpreter for a structural/procedural score language
Satoshi Nishimura
Query-by-multiple-examples: content-based search in computer-assisted sound-based musical composition
Tiago Fernandes Tavares, Jônatas Manzolli


Time Room Wednesday,  17 September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 4  SS3: Special Session “Tangibility in Computer Music”
Chair: Claude Cadoz, ACROE, France
Being there & being with: the philosophical and cognitive notions of presence and embodiment in virtual instruments
Annie Luciani
Sound mosaic in geveryday objects
Diemo Schwarz
Spacialsound and tangibility
Ludger Brummer
sculpTon: a malleable tangible interface for sound sculpting
Alberto Boem


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
09:00- 10:40  Odeon 2  OS16: Spatial Sound & Spatialization Techniques
Chair: Martin Supper, Berlin University of Arts, Germany
ImmLib - A new library for immersive spatial composition
Miguel Negrão
The HOA library, review and prospects
Anne Sèdes, Pierre Guillot, Elliot Paris
Introducing the zirkonium MK2 system for spatial composition
David Wagner, Ludger Brümmer, Götz Dipper, Jochen Arne Otto   
An agent based approach to interaction and composition
Stephen Pearse, David Moore 


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 3  OS17: Gestures, motion and music
Chair: Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
ArmKeyBoard: a mobile keyboard instrument based on chord-scale system and tonal hierarchy
Jun-qi Deng, Francis Chi Moon Lau, Yu-kwong Kwok
Leap motion as expressive gestural interface
Martin Ritter, Alyssa Aska   
The procedural sound and music of ECHO::Canyon
Rob Hamilton, Chris Platz 
Mapping motion to timbre: orientation, FM synthesis and spectral filtering
Israel Neuman, Charles Okpala, Cesar Bonezzi
Effects of different bow stroke styles on body movements of a viola player: an exploratory study
Federico Visi, Esther Coorevits, Eduardo Miranda, Marc Leman   


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 4  OS18: Interfaces for sound and music
Chair: Rafael Ramirez, PompeuFabra University, Spain
miniAudicle for iPad: touchscreen-based music software programming
Spencer Salazar, Ge Wang
Scaling up live internet performance with the global net orchestra
Roger Dannenberg, Tom Neuendorffer 
P300 harmonies: a brain-computer musical interface
Zacharias Vamvakousis, Rafael Ramirez
Mutor: drone chorus of metrically muted motors
Mo Zareei, Dale Carnegie, Ajay Kapur
Bassline pitch prediction for real-time performance systems
Andrew Robertson


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
11:10-12:10 Onasis 2  Keynote Speech 4
Chair: Ioannis Zannos, Ionian University, Greece
Rhythmic processes in electronic music
Curtis Roads
, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
12:10-12:45 Odeon 1 PS4: Poster Session craze
Chair: Richard Dudas, Hanyang University, Korea
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  PS4: Poster Session
Chair: Richard Dudas, Hanyang University, Korea
The Black Swan: probable and improbable communication over local and geographically displaced net-worked connections as a musical performance system
Alyssa Aska                
Perception of interactive vibrotactilecues on the acoustic grand and upright piano
Federico Fontana, Federico Avanzini, Hanna Järveläinen, Stefano Papetti, Francesco Zanini, Valerio Zanini      
Transcription  adaptation and maintenance in live electronic performance with acoustic instruments
Richard Dudas, Pete Furniss              
Resolving octave ambiguities: a cross-dataset investigation
Li Su, Hsin-Yu Lai, Li-Fan Yu, Yi-Hsuan Yang          
Towards a dynamic model of the palm mute guitar technique based on capturing pressure profiles between the guitar strings
Julien Biral, Nicolas D'Alessandro, Adrian Freed            
Influence of expressive coupling in ensemble performance on musicians’ body movement
Davi Mota, Mauricio Loureiro, Rafael Laboissière            
ATK reaper: ambisonic toolkit as JSFX plugins
Trond Lossius, Joseph Anderson              
Vuza: a functional language for creative applications
Using natural language to specify sound parameters
Jan-Torsten Milde                
Sensors2PD: mobile sensors and WiFi information as input for pure data
Antonio de Carvalho Junior                
Comparing models of symbolic music using probabilistic grammars and probabilistic programming
Samer Abdallah, Nicolas Gold              
Sense: an electroacoustic composition for surround sound and tactile transducers
Panayiotis Kokoras                
Recommending music to groups in fitness classes
Berardina De Carolis, Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Orio            
Organic oscillator: experiments using natural oscillation sources from audiences
Yuan-Yi Fan                
SkipStep: a multi-paradigm touch-screen instrument
Avneesh Sarwate, Jeff Snyder              
A research of automatic composition and singing voice synthesis system for Taiwanese popular songs
Chih-Fang Huang, Wei-Gang Hong, Min-Hsuan Li, Wei-Po Nien          
Toward real-time estimation of tonehole configuration
Tamara Smyth, Cheng-i Wang              
Audio-rate modulation of physical model parameters
Edgar Berdahl                
Conceptual interacting strategies in forming electroacoustic sound identities
Georgia Kalodiki                               
12:45-14:30  Odeon 0  Towards open 3D sound diffusion systems
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Teaching robots to conduct: automatic extraction of conducting information from sheet music
Andrea Salgian, Laurence Agina, Teresa Nakra
Color and emotion caused by auditory stimuli
Elena Partesotti, Tiago Fernandes Tavares
A genetic algorithm approach to collaborative music creation on a multi-touch table
Niklas Klügel, Andreas Lindström, Georg Groh
3DMIN – Challenges and interventions in design  development and dissemination of new musical instruments
Till Bovermann, HaukeEgermann, Alexander Foerstel, Sarah-Indriyati Hardjowirogo, Amelie Hinrichsen, Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes, Andreas Pysiewicz, Stefan Weinzierl, Alberto de Campo
Parameter estimation of virtual musical instrument synthesizers
Katsutoshi Itoyama, Hiroshi Okuno              
Experimence: considerations for composing a rock song for interactive audience participation
Oliver Hödl, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Simon Holland
A computer-mediated interface for jazz piano comping
Rui Dias, Carlos Guedes, Telmo Marques
The Effectiveness of visual feedback singing vocal technology in Greek elementary school
Sofia Stavropoulou, Anastasia Georgaki, Fotis Moschos
Tangibility and low-level live coding
Yorgos Diapoulis, Ioannis Zannos              
The creation and projection of space-source in electroacoustic music
Theodoros Lotis   
Optimizing Melodic Extraction Algorithm for Jazz Guitar Recordings Using Genetic Algorythms
Sergio Giraldo, Rafael Ramirez


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 2  OS19: Perception and cognition of sound and music
Chair: Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University, Denmark
ML.* machine learning library as a musical partner in the computer-acoustic composition flight
Benjamin Smith, Scott Deal
Merged-output hidden Markov model for score following of MIDI performance with ornaments desynchronized voices, repeats and skips
Eita Nakamura, Yasuyuki Saito, Nobutaka Ono, Shigeki Sagayama   
muTunes: a study of musicality perception in an evolutionary context
Kirill Sidorov, Robin Hawkins, Andrew Jones, David Marshall   
A Protocol for creating multiagent systems in ensemble with pure data
Pedro Bruel, Marcelo Queiroz


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
14:30- 16:30  Odeon 3  OS20: Algorithmic Composition-3
Chair: Dominique Fober, GRAME, France
Musings on the status of electronic music today,
Invited Speech
CortLippe, University of Buffalo, USA
December variations (on a theme by Earle Brown)
Richard Hoadley
Symmetrical and geometrical cycles in twelve-tone composition: developments toward a new model
Telmo Marques, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes   
Cage: a high-level library for real-time computer-aided composition
Andrea Agostini, ÉricDaubresse, Daniele Ghisi
Musical processes representation
Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey, Stéphane Letz
Spatial transformations in simplicial chord spaces
Luis Bigo, Daniele Ghisi, Antoine Spicher, Moreno Andreatta


Time Room Thursday 18, September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 4  SS4: Special Session “Iannis Xenakis: Technology and Philosophy-1”
Chair: Makis Solomos, Universite Paris VIII, France
Xenakis’s Philosophy of Technology Through Some Interviews,
Invited Speech
Makis Solomos, University Paris 8, France
Computer, formalisms, intuition and metaphors Α.Xenakian and post-Xenakian approach
Jose Luis Besada
Creativity through technology and science in Xenakis
Kostas Paparrigopoulos
What does create using technology mean? The paradigm of Xenakis
Elsa Kiourtsoglou


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 2  OS21: New Interfaces for Musical Expression-2
Chair: Rafael Ramirez, PompeuFabra University, Spain
Implementation and evaluation of real-time interactive user interface design in self-learning singing pitch training apps
Kin Wah Edward Lin, Hans Anderson, Hamzeen Hameem, Simon Lui   
Little Drummer Bot: building,  testing,  and interfacing with a new expressive mechatronic drum system
Jim Murphy, Dale Carnegie, Ajay Kapur
Mechatronic Keyboard Music: design,  evaluation,  and use of a new mechatronic harmonium
Jim Murphy, Ajay Kapur, Dale Carnegie
Implementations of the leap motion device in sound synthesis and live performance
Lamtharn Hantrakul
OPERAcraft: blurring the lines between real and virtual
Ivica Bukvic, Cody Cahoon, Ariana Wyatt, Tracy Cowden, Katie Dredger  


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
09:00- 10:40 Odeon 3  OS22: Aesthetics of Computer and Interactive Music-2
Chair: John Mourjopoulos, University of Patras, Greece
Timbral haunting: an interactive system re-interpreting the present in echoes of the past
Michael Musick, Tae Hong Park
Translation as technique: collaboratively creating an electro-acoustic composition for saxophone and live video projection
Christopher Jette, Kelland Thomas, Javier Villegas, Angus Forbes   
Principles of visual design for computer music
Ge Wang
Optimal Acoustic Reverberation Evaluation of Byzantine Chanting in Churches
John Mourjopoulos, Charalambos Papadakos, Gavriil Kamaris, Georgios Chryssochoidis, Georgios Kouroupetoglou
Towards an aesthetic of electronic-music performance practice
Marko Ciciliani                


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
09:00-10:40 Odeon 4  OS23: Computer environments for sound/music processing-2
Chair: Roger Dannenberg, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Gamma: a C++ sound synthesis library further abstracting the unit generator
Lance Putnam
Extending Aura with Csound opcodes
Steven Yi, Roger Dannenberg, Victor Lazzarini, John Fitch   
SoDA: A sound design accelerator for the automatic generation of soundscapes from an ontologically annotated sound library
Andrea Valle, Paolo Armao, Matteo Casu, Marinos Koutsomichalis   
Violin fingering estimation according to skill level based on hidden Markov model
Wakana Nagata, Shinji Sako, Tadashi Kitamura
Alarm/will/sound: perception, characterization, acoustic modeling, and design of modified car alarms
Alexander Sigman, Nicolas Misdariis


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
11:10-12:10 Onasis 2  Keynote Speech 5
Chair: Christos Carras, Onassis Cultural Center, Greece
What is sound?
Peter Nelson
, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 2  OS24: Digital Audio Effects and Physical Modeling
Chair: Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Chorale synthesis by the multidimensional scaling of pitches,
Invited Speech
Clarence Barlow, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
The TR-808 cymbal: a physically-informed, circuit-bendable, digital model
Kurt James Werner, Jonathan S. Abel, Julius O. Smith
Spatial and kinematic models for procedural audio in 3D virtual environments
Jose Ignacio Pecino Rodriguez
Programmation and control of Faust sound processing in OpenMusic
Dimitri Bouche, Jean Bresson, Stéphane Letz
Human perception of the soundscape in a metropolis through the phenomenology of neural networks
Enrica Santucci, Luca Andrea Ludovico


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 3  OS25: Composition Systems / Techniques-2
Chair: Gerhard Eckel, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria
Realism, art, technology and audiovisual immersion into the environment of the Ionian islands
George Heliades, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Minas Emmanouil, Theofanis Maragkos   
Real-time music composition through P-timed Petri Nets
Adriano Barate, Goffredo Haus, Luca Ludovico
Ivan Zavada
Physical and perceptual characterization of a tactile display for a live-electronics notification system
Emma Frid, Marcello Giordano, Marlon Schumache, Marcelo Wanderley
Sonic scenography - equalized structure-borne sound for aurally active set design
Otso Lähdeoja, Aki Haapaniemi, Vesa Välimäki


Time Room Friday 19,  September 2014
14:30- 16:10  Odeon 4  SS5: Special Session “Iannis Xenakis: Technology and Philosophy-2”
Chair: Makis Solomos, Universite Paris VIII, France
Technology and philosophical ideas in the instrumental music of Iannis Xenakis
Benoît  Gibson
Auditory fusion and holophonic musical texture in Xenakis’ spithoprakta
Panayotis  Kokoras
Round table
Agostino Di Scipio, Jean-Claude Risset, Curtis Roads, Benoît Gibson, Panayotis Kokoras



 Chair: Georgios Kouroupetroglou, Department of Informatics and Elecommunications, University of Athens, Scientific Program Chair